Pickled mushrooms with pink peppercorns and red chili flakes

A real quick easy condiment you can make that makes a great addition to any dish you want to give an earthy, spicy sharp kick to. So I made katsu curry to go with this, yea to go with this, they are so good you need to create meals and excuses just to make these little beauties.

This was a last minute idea, there I am making this curry (blog to follow) I have some fluffy rice, sauteed bok choy, my breaded and pounded out chicken breast and not to mention the curry sauce that makes the dish. I’m missing something here, I open the fridge and find some mushrooms and immediately i’m thinking, pickle them. Spicy creamy curry with that contrast of sharp, sweet and tangy mushroom was perfect.

You can do this with so many different vegetables I dont have the time, or the typing stamina to list them all, if you need them quick, anything soft that wont require a lot of cooking is great or if you don’t mind it crunchy  try something else.

An easy ratio to remember and you can pickle anything with it, go ahead pickle away!

Equal parts vinegar to water, 1/4 salt to sugar, so for example for these few mushrooms I used 1 cup of water/vinegar, 1/4 cup of sugar and about 1 good table spoon of salt with 2-4 pink peppercorns and a bayleaf. Here you can add any herb or spice, try ginger for a bit of fire or red chili flakes like I did, get creative.

Because these mushrooms are soft and don’t require a lot of cooking I brought the mixture to the boil, threw in the mushrooms and then took it off the heat and left them until I was ready to serve. They will last for months in a clean, sterile mason jar on a shelf in the fridge, although whenever I pickle something, they never last that long.

So easy to make yet with fantastic results, amazing how something so simple can elevate a meal, with just a touch of creativity.


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