Kale chips

This isn’t a recipe exactly, or some major life changing snack idea. We’ve all seen kale chips/crisps (depending on which side of the pond you hail from) in gourmet coffee shops and on the supermarket shelves. Everywhere you go you see it. Healthier snacks are being rammed down our throats.The more aware we’re all becoming at choosing better options, the higher the price goes up! Have you seen the price for a feather light packet of crispy kale?!  You know the bag, the one where you wouldn’t be surprised to get home and open it, just to find air? Far too expensive for what they are, it’s no wonder people shy away and reach for something else.

These are so easy to do at home and so rewarding: a tasty, healthy alternative to the usual fatty bag of chips you would normally find. Kale is cheap, you can find it in any supermarket, and a big ol’ bag of cheap kale will give you exactly (if not better) results at home. 

Preheat your oven to about 350°f/150°c, the lower the better. You want to dry these out and slowly dehydrate them, rather than a quick harsh heat resulting in burnt and bitter kale. Preparation couldn’t be easier: simply tear off the leaves so you don’t have any of the woody, fibrous stalk attached. See picture below

Prepping the kale

   Next, throw it all in a large bowl with a few tablespoons of good olive oil and a touch of seasoning, whatever you want to add is fine be it herbs, salt, pepper etc.. It doesn’t matter how much kale you use, just adjust the oil and massage it in to really get the flavour in there. Then lay it out on a sheet pan or two, leaving some gaps so the leaves don’t overlap too much, and put them in the middle shelf in the oven.

Ready to cook

After about 10-15 minutes, start checking it and move it around every 5 minutes after that. Keep doing this until completely dry and crisp! Throw a touch more salt on them, let them cool for a short while and eat straight from the tray. If you have any left, put some in a bowl and share.

Crispy Kale
Kale chips

 This really is stuff your face food, without the guilt. Try it, don’t buy it.


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