I’m a chef, a student of the culinary world, a lover of food. I’ve spent the last decade plus learning different techniques and skills. Skills that I’ve picked up from various kitchens around the world, from the Californian coast to the sleepy, quaint countryside in Henley, England. Throughout my travels and years within the catering industry I have built up a repertoire of recipes, techniques, professional kitchen tidbits and the odd whisper of the ‘trick of the trade’ . Tips I hope to share with anyone with a vague interest in food or someone who wants to learn more, or perhaps just wants to cook a new dish they’ve never tried before.

I hope that with my experience and expertise, someone somewhere can learn a thing or two and perhaps, pass on some knowledge of their own. Lets share and celebrate food with those of whom we love, because to me, that is what food is about.

Thank you